Have you experienced major frustration trying to create radio-ready recordings?

                       Have you ever felt depressed when comparing your recordings to commercial hits?

                                                            If so, you've come to the right place.

         Believe me, I've been there - done that.  

I teach Audio Engineering and Music Production in a completely different and revolutionary way:

I start and end with The Human Factor.  It's not just about theory and technology. It's about what 
you hear in your head and how to get someone to hear the exact same thing when they listen to your
recordings. It's about psycho-acoustics and knowing how the mind hears music. People listen to
music with their minds, not with their ears. You'll learn exactly what that means and how to target
someone's mind, not their ears, when you Mix your music. Top producers and engineers instinctively work this way -- but what I've discovered is that it can be taught and learned. 

I have students all over the world who are closing deals with Music Supervisors, Publishers, Music Libraries -- and are seeing their music licensed for Films, Television, Commercials, Video Games, etc. as a result of learning how to mix this way. And even more importantly, their confidence level increases dramatically and continues to increase as they learn more. 

I teach world-wide with high-security remote control computer technology that allows us to be "in the same room, on the same computer, at the same time" during your Recording, Mixing and Mastering lessons. Sign up for my newsletter below and receive a free copy of my book, 'The Home Studio Bible,' as a gift from me to help you achieve your goals.        

My purpose is to educate and inspire students so that they experience ever increasing confidence, create Masterpiece Recordings and constantly improve their abilities and results as musicians, songwriters, composers, producers, engineers and entrepreneurs.
                                                                                                                                                              - Gary Gray

"Sign up for my Newsletter and receive a free copy of my book, 'The Home Studio Bible.'
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 - Gary Gray - Voting Member of The Grammy Recording Academy

"The Home Studio Bible chronicles the fascinating path of Gary's Mentors and the lessons he learned from them, summarizing a 30 Year Career with some of the top names in the Industry. The amount of usable information in just the first three chapters alone -- will immediately help you achieve your dreams of getting your music production up to industry standards so it can be licensed." 

- Aaron Davison, Founder of HowToLicenseYourMusic.com

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